The Security team at Safe Websites have compiled a List of the Top 20 Safe Websites from around the World Wide Web.

We have completed a thorough review of these websites, using the latest Website Security Testing Software. We are also Partners with McAfee Site Advisor a well known and established PCI Compliance Testing provider. We recommend that all Websites undertake Security Reviews from a reputable provider of Security Products, McAfee are one of the Leading providers in this area.

Top 20 Safe Websites.

1. The BBC Website –

2. Google Search Engine –

3. Nasa USA Website –

4. The UK Government Website –

5. McAfee –

6. Harvard University USA –

7. USA Government Website –

8. Twitter Website –

9. Ebay UK –

10. Paypal Payment Services –

11. The White House –

12. The Science Magazine –

13. Astronomy Website –

14. The Met Office UK –

15. The CNBC News Website –

16. The Financial Times Website –

17. The Official Yahoo Website –

18. The New York Stock Exchange –

19. The European Union Website –

20. Oxford University Website –

All of the aforementioned websites have been fully tested by our Website Security Team and have a Pass Rating of 98% and above, making these the most Trusted and Reputable websites on the World Wide Web in 2011 and in 2012. Dont forget to read the latest football betting strategy fact sheet.

Our Foursquare Review page and our Mashable Review pages are also available.

We have also launched our Youtube Safe Websites page for our readers to review.

We would like to thank Business Wales for their continued support.

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